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Unblock ETTV

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With a fast web proxy server you may unblock ETTV website, bypass ettvcentral.com filters, all from your web browser without the need to install any third-party program. You may be able to also watch blocked videos on ETTV and bypass network restrictions. The last active IP address of ettvcentral.com is unknown. Just click on a link and browse the website anonymously using our free proxy site, protect your privacy online now. By using this service you agree to the terms of use.

What is Proxy?
Proxy is nothing but a means to hide the real address of the site so that anyone could not trace it. In others words, various intermediate servers take up and serve you for another server that you do not directly interact with. Thus, the identity of that unknown server remains unknown. Though this is not 100% full proof, it does the work for some time before someone actually gets the id of the real server.

Also with so many proxy sites, you have to be careful not to trust all sites. There are many fake sites which advertise itself as one of the proxy sites of some torrent site, but in reality, they are just fishing. They will trap you and fill your computer with viruses and malware that can leak your essential documents and files. To prevent that from happening here we have listed only the real and tested site. To be extra cautious, it is better to have an antivirus on your computer. This will prevent any attacks and remove them before they do any harm to your files and data.

Using VPN
VPN or the Virtual Private Network is a service provided by many companies that encrypts all your traffic and routing all your traffic through a VPN server and replacing your ISP provided IP address with a different IP address. VPN not only does it for browser internet access but any internet is accessing by any application used on your computer or mobile phone. There are many VPN service that is provided. Free once is limited but paid once offer various masked IPs with an increase in speed.